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What are the Manufacturing Processes of Stainless Steel Pipes?

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Many customers have some doubts about the production process of stainless-steel pipes. They believe that stainless steel pipes can be produced only by ordinary smelting of the raw materials of stainless-steel pipes. In fact, the processes used by stainless steel pipes will vary slightly according to the different types of stainless-steel pipes. In this regard, as a seamless cold drawn steel tube manufacturer, we will briefly introduce the process of stainless-steel pipe production for everyone:

The whole process of stainless-steel pipe production:

Rolling and annealing

A metal heat treatment process in a workpiece is heated to a predetermined temperature and slowly cooled after a certain period. 

The purpose of annealing is to:

① Improve or eliminate various structural defects and residual stress caused by steel in the process of casting, forging, rolling and welding, and prevent deformation and cracking of the workpiece.

② Soften the workpiece for cutting.

③ Refine the grains and improve the structure to improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece. 

④ Prepare the organization for final heat treatment and pipe making


The slitting of stainless-steel coils is to cut the stainless-steel coils to the corresponding width for further deep processing and pipe making. The slitting process should pay attention to the scratches of the coils by the slitting knife, the width and error of the slitting. In addition, the slitting is related to the pipe making process, and the striped cape and burr are very important for the pipe making process.


The most important process of seamless cold drawn steel tube. Stainless steel mainly uses argon arc welding and plasma welding. The protective gas for argon arc welding is pure argon. It mainly welds stainless steel pipes below 3mm. Plasma welding has strong penetration. 8mm stainless steel tube.

Welding bead grinding

In the process of welding stainless steel pipes, the corresponding external bead needs to be polished and water cooled. After the water bead is cooled, the bead is directly polished with a water grinder until it is flat. Generally, depending on the thickness of the stainless-steel pipe, add 3- 5 sets of water mills for grinding and dressing of weld beads.

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Plastic surgery

The process of stainless-steel welded pipe is called extruded production. All square and rectangular pipes are initially produced from round pipes. Through the production of round pipes with the same perimeter, they are extruded into corresponding square and rectangular pipes. Mold shaping and straightening.


The manufacturing process of stainless-steel tubes is relatively rough. Most of them are cut with abrasive wheels. After cutting, a cloak will be generated and further trimming is required. The other is a band saw for cutting. The accuracy is relatively good. The use of the tube requires bright heat treatment, so that the ductility of the tube reaches a higher level.


Generally, there are several processes for surface treatment of product pipes and decorative pipes. Polishing is divided into 400 #, 600 #, and 800 #, while sand drawing is divided into round sand and straight sand, with 180 #, 240 #, and 400 # , 600 #, 800 #, applicable to the needs of customers at different levels.


The inspection mainly checks whether the outer diameter and thickness of the pipe are up to standard, the surface treatment is up to standard, and the welding process is up to standard.

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