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What is the Difference Between Seamless Pipe and Cold Drawn Seamless Pipe?

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Pipes are one of the most wonderful inventions of mankind. Ever since they were made, pipes have been used for the making of the entire modern world.

There are multiple types of seamless pipes right now, and if you are confused between the two most popular types: normal seamless pipes, and cold drawn seamless pipes, do not fret.

Here is everything you need to know about seamless pipes, and cold drawn seamless pipes, and the difference between both of them:

What are seamless pipes?

A seamless pipe is a pipe that does no need any sort of seam to work. These pipes are much more accurate and sturdier as compared to normal pipes. Back in the old days, pipes used to be made from rock and had seams. These seams were the weakest parts of pipes, and would easily crumble. Breaking of the seams would cause the pipe to leak ultimately. 

Some of the most popular types of seamless pipes are made from steel. The seamless steel pipe price keep falling day by day, making it more and more affordable for companies to employ their usage instead of aluminum pipes. You may have seen some seamless black steel pipes in your life too. They are very commonplace. 

Seamless pipes can withstand a very high pressure, temperature, stress and atmosphere without getting damaged. Average-joe seamless pipes are used for larger-scaled projects. For example, cold drawn seamless tube suppliers often have to rely on seamless pipes for their working.

What is a cold drawn seamless pipe?

A cold drawn seamless pipe is a type of seamless pipe that is made from cold drawing a normal seamless pipe. The pipe is pulled without heating, and this results in smaller pipes. Cold drawn seamless pipes are generally smaller than normal seamless pipes, because of the fact that they can't survive if they were any longer.

A cold drawn seamless pipe is much easier to make than any other type of seamless pipe, and doesn’t cost as much. It is used in smaller companies that are looking for a proper sewage or liquid flow system without having to rely on custom-made pipes. 


Difference between seamless pipe and a cold drawn pipe

Seamless steel pipes can be manufactured through any process: hot rolling, cold rolling or cold-drawn, while cold-drawn seamless pipes are manufactured through only cold-drawing. 

Seamless steel pipe price varies much more than the cold drawn seamless pipe price. Seamless steel pipe manufacturers often use hot-rolling to make longer pipes while cold drawing for smaller pipes. 


Whether you are looking for seamless pipes or cold drawn seamless pipes ultimately comes down to one decision. Are you looking for pipes for a big scale project? Are you looking to go a little more modular than average? How much are you willing to invest on piping and sewage system? 

With all these factors considered, it may be easier to make a decision on what seamless steel pipe to choose for your company. 


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