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How to Choose Seamless Steel Pipe Sizes?

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Seamless steel pipes are made around the world. Diverse companies are manufacturing these pipes by using latest technological innovation. The companies are cautious when it comes to picking up the automatic tube making machine. It is the imperative component in the extrusion line.

How to Choose Seamless Steel Pipe Sizes?

Seamless steel pipes are used for various reasons. They are used in commercial and residential areas. They have many advantages. Nevertheless, it is important to choose the seamless steel pipes sizes according to the project. Otherwise, the wrong choice can lead to cataclysm. 

Many people choose the hydraulic seamless pipe size for different applications. The standard size is suitable for diverse projects but not all. If you don't know the suitable size of seamless pipes for your project then no problem! Following are the points that will help you to select the perfect seamless steel tube. 

Factors Persuading Selection of Seamless Steel Tubing Size

There are various factors that will influence the selection of seamless steel pipes sizes. Some of these factors include the following:

  • The steel tube of the required size and length should be cost-effective.

  • Tube size should be good to convey the item from one place to the other.

  • Pipe size must be perfect for required pressure at every outlet fixture.

  • The tube size must have the required

  • Restriction on the flow velocity to ignore the erosion of the pipe and any noise.

  • Ability to expand in the future instead of a contract. The seamless steel pipes sizes have around 10% capacity.

Cold drawn seamless steel tube

Methods for Determining the Seamless Steel Tube Sizes

There are diverse methods for determining seamless steel pipes sizes. All these methods are easy to follow for everyone. Have a look:

  • You need to draw all the branch lines, risers and the recommended mains with required details incorporating the amount of the fixtures. 

  • Calculation of the fixtures should be done properly according to their demanded weight.

  • It is essential to specify the demand for a product that has to flow from these tubes. Also, the number of units of fixtures.

  • Determine the equal length and size of the tubes for every system. This method must begin from the main street.

  • Evaluate normal pressure into the main street. It could be done by performing a test.

  • Check out the normal pressure essential for the highest fixture.

  • Check the pressure loss into the steel tubes with the help of the equal length of the tubes. 

  • When you perform all the above steps, then you can easily choose the required seamless steel tube sizes.

Other Important Things to Note

The unit sizes of the seamless steel tubes are measured in mm. Nonetheless, the size of these pipes is usually measured in inches. One inch of the tubes is equal to 25 mm while one foot is equal to 304.8 mm.

It is important to note that the liquid or any other product moving from these tubes must have velocity up to 2.5m/s. Whether you are using the standard tubes or customized ones, you should pay attention to the velocity. If the velocity is limited to 2.5m/s at the valve seat, then there will be neither erosion nor noise.


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