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Basic knowledge of cold drawn seamless tube

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Cold drawn Seamless tubes commonly known as CDS is the most durable tubing that fit in different sizes of pipes.


It offers stronger physical properties than mechanical tubing and tight tolerance that hot finished seamless tube.


CDS is used in many equipment manufacturing companies, utilities and transportation, industrial construction, Alloy steel manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, mining, oil refineries, and pressure hydraulic cylinders.


Considering the crucial role cold drawn seamless steel tube plays in different sectors, it is important to contact a professional cold drawn seamless stainless steel tube supplier in order to get the best value for every dime you lay down.


Supply Conditions of Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tube

Different suppliers use a range of conditions to supply cold drawn seamless tubes. However, depending on what your need for this outstanding stainless steel tube may be, here are some supply conditions from reputable suppliers:

· Hard or soft drawn

· Stress relieved

· Tempered

· Normalized

· Heat-treated

 Cold drawn seamless steel tube

Advantages Of  Using Cold Drawn Tube

CDS has many advantages over tubes like Hot Finished Seamless Tube (HFS) and Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) tube. Some of the notable advantages include.

1. Accuracy of Size

Cold drawn seamless stainless steel tube suppliers manufacture Cold drawn seamless tube to achieve consistent thickness and diameter throughout. This is a result of the nature of the manufacturing process that enables dimensional tolerance.

2. Higher Strength And Hardness property

Cold drawn seamless stainless steel tube is produced in a way that increases the strength of the tube. This makes cold drawn seamless stainless steel tubes very suitable for the safety and performance of critical applications.

3. Precise Bending

Cold drawn seamless stainless steel tube allows more precise bending. The time it takes for bending and any necessary adjustment is short thereby making it cost-effective.

4. Superior Finish

Cold drew seamless stainless steel tube produces better end products after etching, anodizing, and dipping processes. The tube has enhanced appearance with no weld lines.


5. Availability of Variable Thickness

Cold drawn seamless steel tubes are manufactured with varied thickness. The thickness ranges from 0.8mm to 8.5mm, while the external diameter ranges from 6mm to 90mm in fixed, semi-fixed, or random range base on customers' specifications.


Production of Cold Drawn Seamless Tube

Cold drawn Seamless tube is manufactured by piercing hot rolled bar stock. The process increases the physical properties of the tube and reduces the cost of machine time.

In fact, there is usually tighter tolerance and increased strength compared to other seamless products.

Once the production is completed, some cold drawn seamless stainless steel tube suppliers offer end process finishing base on the requirement of the customer which may include; Cutting, Swaging, Threading, De-rusting, Chamfering, and Washing

Common Applications Of Cold Drawn Seamless Tube

The cold drawn seamless stainless tube is used majorly where quality and safety are very important.

The strength property of cold drawn seamless stainless steel tube makes it a common component in various locomotive restorations, boiler and pressure tube applications, and stairlifts.

Cold Drawn Seamless tube is also used in coal plant applications, waste treatment, wind turbine components, plungers, bearing races, transmission shafts, chassis, and machinery frames.  



Cold drawn seamless steel tube is one of the most durable tubes that offer stronger and tighter dimension tolerance than mechanical tubes and hot finished seamless tubes respectively.

When considering to buy cold drawn seamless steel tube for any project, either in manufacturing companies, equipment manufacturing, oil and gas, and others, you can only have the best deal when you buy from a reputable cold drawn seamless tube supplier


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