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How many reasons do you know about the hydraulic tube explosion?

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Hydraulic tube burst pipe is a headache for many excavators, because the explosion of the pipe will cause hydraulic oil leakage, after the maintenance of time and effort.So what are the common causes of hydraulic tube detonation?


1, the use of poor quality hydraulic pipe

Many people in the original hydraulic tube damage, to figure cheap, many people choose quality substandard hydraulic tube, this hydraulic tube performance, reliability is far less than the original.

Also, the hydraulic pipe at the end of the metal joint buckle process is poor, sealing and reliability can not be guaranteed, after a period of use, will produce oil saving or even oil leakage. Therefore, the replacement of a hydraulic pipe must choose a regular brand of products.

2, the hydraulic system pressure is too high

The preset pressure of the hydraulic system is too high will increase the probability of pipe burst. The method is to test the pressure value generated by the main pump in combination with various actions. If the pressure value is confirmed to be too high, the pressure of the multi-way valve can be reduced appropriately.

3. The temperature of hydraulic oil is too high

If the hydraulic system of your machine is a high temperature, it will also affect the sealing of the hydraulic components, resulting in the leakage of the burst pipe; Also, the high temperature will also make the hydraulic components expand, resulting in the valve core, valve body stuck, forming a local high temperature resulting in pipe explosion.

hydraulic tube

4, mixed with different grades of hydraulic oil

The hydraulic oil 46# is generally used by default when the excavator is delivered from the factory. If the hydraulic oil 68#, which is commonly used in accessory stores, is added in the process of use, it will cause instability of the hydraulic oil and damage the components. High viscosity hydraulic fluid flow is poor, will make the hydraulic system local high pressure, easy to cause pipeline leakage.

5. Bad operation habits

If the operator operates roughly during operation, the huge impact load will produce instantaneous impact pressure in the hydraulic system. The impact pressure will lead to premature failure of oil leakage or pipe explosion at the pressure joint of the high-pressure oil pipe and the rubber pipe, which will greatly shorten the service life of the hydraulic pipe. Also, rough handling can affect the durability of other parts, making mechanical failures frequent. So, at ordinary times the operation of the excavator must be soft, do not do high intensity, high-risk action.

6. The hydraulic pipeis corroded

Although most of the current hydraulic tube has certain corrosion resistance, after all, rubber products long-term contact with diesel will make colloidal fluffy deterioration. Produce certain adverse effect, as far as possible do not let the hose contact gasoline diesel, general rubber in the long-term immersion of gasoline diesel will bilge colloidal fluffy. Therefore, in ordinary use to avoid diesel and another corrosive liquid contact hose, too often clean the surface of the hydraulic pipe.

7. Abnormal vibration of hydraulic pipe

Gear pump and plunger pump work when there is oil pulsation, the pulsation will make the hydraulic tube produce high-frequency vibration, the high-frequency vibration can not be eliminated. Long-term abnormal vibration will lead to hydraulic tube fatigue wear, therefore, often check the hydraulic tube clamp and protective sleeve, once the clamp is loose, will wear the hydraulic tube, even the hydraulic tube wear through.

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