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Help You Understand the Classification of Pipe

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1. According to the production method of classification

(1) Seamless - hot-rolled tubes, cold-rolled, cold drawn tubes, squeeze tubes, pipe jacking.

(2) According to process sub - arc welded pipe, ERW pipe (high frequency, low frequency), gas pipe, stove pipe.

(3) By the weld points - Longitudinal spiral welded pipe.

2. According to a cross-sectional shape classification

(1) simple section steel - round pipe, square pipe, oval pipe, steel triangular, hexagonal steel, diamond steel, octagonal steel, steel semi-circle, the other.

(2) section steel complex - equilateral hexagonal steel pipe, five plum-shaped pipe, steel double convex, double concave steel, oval-shaped steel conical pipe, corrugated steel pipe, steel case, other.

3. According to the thickness classification

Thin-walled steel pipe, thick-walled steel pipe.

4. By Application

With steel pipe, steel pipe thermal equipment, industrial machinery with steel, petroleum, geological drilling steel, container steel, chemical industry with steel pipes, steel pipes for special purposes, other.


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