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Do you Know the Manufacturing Process of Seamless Steel Tube?

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The high-quality seamless steel tube has a great demand in the world. These tubes are used for many applications. You have to check out different steel tube standard sizes to get the tube suitable for your project. The seamless steel tubes are formed with the raw steel. The companies first get the raw material and then start producing top quality tubes. 

How to produce a high-quality seamless steel tube?

When it comes to producing a high-quality seamless steel tube, there are two methods available for you. Both of these methods involve three stages. The first step is to change the raw steel into a good working state. After that, the tube is created on the production line. In the end, the tubes are trimmed according to the steel pipe standard size. Right now, we are going to tell you the typical procedure to develop a high-quality seamless steel tube.

Production of Ingots

Molten steel is formed by melting coke and iron ore. After that, the carbon is removed from the liquid. The molten steel is then transferred into the thick mold where it is transformed into ingots. In accordance to produce flat items like sheets and plates, ingots are changed into big rollers with the help of pressure.

cold drawn seamless steel tube

Making Slabs

To make the slabs and blooms, the ingots have to go through the steel rollers. The rollers are placed so that their grooves can shape up the steel. The rollers forward automatically, but a human operator is needed to reverse them. This process is performed various times to shape up the steel.

Ingots could be rolled into the slabs and blooms in an easy way. The steel has to go through the stacked rollers that stretch it up. Nevertheless, there are a few rollers placed onto the control side. They change the width of the slabs. When the steel gets the desired shape, then it is trimmed down.

Seamless Steel Tube Making Process

The blooms and slabs are now processed thoroughly before they are transformed into tubes. They are moved to the rolling devices that make the slabs and blooms narrow and lengthy. Next, they are cut by the devices recognized as flying shears. The steel is then re-worked. It is first positioned on the unwinding equipment. When the steel spool unwound, then heat is applied. 

The steel passes from electrodes that seal the two ends of the tube all at once. The welded seam is moved through the high-pressure roller. This roller assists in creating tight weld. The tube is trimmed again according to the desired seamless steel tubing sizes. The welded tube is a constant method and contingent upon the tube size. It could be designed and planned as fast as 1100 ft per 60 seconds.

Final Processing

When the seamless tube is required, the slabs and blooms are utilized for the creation. Heat is applied, and then they are molded to create the cylinder shape. The heated round is rolled with the help of extreme pressure. Contingent upon the usage of the tube, the paints and coatings are used on the tubes.

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