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Cold Drawn Seamless Tube - How Is It Made

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Cold drawn seamless tube has several advantages. It is better than the hot roll seamless tube. The seamless pipe manufacturing process is easy to understand. The process has to be done efficiently so that the pipes have smooth surface finishing, the right size, perfect roundness, and amazing mechanical properties. 

Cold Drawn Seamless Tube - How Is It Made

A different seamless steel pipe manufacturing process is essential for a different type of steel pipe. When it comes to the cold drawn seamless tube, then you have to make use of the cold drawn seamless tube manufacturing process. This process is a bit tricky than the other pipe manufacturing processes. At present, we are going to tell you how cold drawn seamless tube is made. Have a look:

cold drawn seamless steel tube

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is the first operation in which the hot steel pipe is cleaned up well. This operation finishes the surface of the bar due to which it becomes capable of drawing the lubricant into the die.

Cold Drawing

It is the main task in the cold drawn seamless steel tube manufacturing process. With its help, the simple steel tubes turn into the cold drawn seamless tube. The manufacturers make use of the large frame drawn bench. This bench can quickly draw out the 30 inches long finished cold drawn tubes. After that, the die is reasonably mounted on these tubes. There is a pusher tool that grabs the pipe and moves the first 14 inches of the pipe from the die. Next, the cart carriage grabs the pipe that is popping out through the die. The cart is linked to the big chain. This chain is driven by power and can pull the cart and the pipe through the die.

Rotary Straightening

When the cold drawn task completes, then the tubes undergo rotary straightening. The tolerance of straightness depends on the size and quality of the tube. This task of rotary straightening advances the surface finish and assists the size control a bit.

Saw Cutting

Another essential operation is the saw cutting of the cold drawn seamless steel tube. There is an end gripper which grips the tubes firmly during the cutting method. The manufacturers cut these tubes according to their will. However, the standard lengths of the cold drawn seamless tube are 12 inches, 20 inches, and 25 inches. The length of the tube can go up to 40 inches.


When the cold drawn seamless are cut according to the desired length, then the packaging process is performed. The manufacturers wrap up more than a thousand tubes in a single package. These seamless tubes also get a coating of the rust preventive. Moreover, they are easy to identify and trace with the help of length, size, heat number, weight, product, quality, and grade.

Final Word

After looking at the above cold drawn steel seamless tube manufacturing process, it will be easy for you to understand that it is different from a typical seamless steel pipe manufacturing process. The manufacturers use the latest machines to perform this process efficiently.  

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