20 Years of Experience in Seamless Steel Tube Production

Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tube

Cold drawn seamless steel tube
Cold drawn seamless steel tube
Cold drawn seamless steel tube

Selection Standard And Raw Material

DIN2391(Germany Standard) or EN10305-1/4(Europe Standard) using the raw material from big well-know plant such as Baosteel, Xincheng steel and so on.

Main Application

To be used in hydraulic system automobile and in the occasion where the high precision, brightness, cleanness and mechanical properties of the tube are required.

Main Features

High precision

Excellent brightness

No oxidization on the 
outer and inner 
walls after heat treatment

High cleanness 
of inside wall

The steel tube is able to withstand high pressure. No deformation after cold bending, no crack after flaring and flattening. The complicated geometrical forming and machining can be realized. 

Color of tube: 
gray with white

Customer Question

Q: What is precision tolerance tolerance of tube?


NameScopeGB SeriesDIN series mm
Enterprise internal control 
standards mm
Special high-precision mm
Q: What is the pressure resistance of the tube?

A: The pressure table of tube Download

Q: What is the delivery time of tube?

A: Our products will be delivered within 30 days.

Q: How long can the tube be stored?

    NBK 1 years without rust
    NBK+Phosphated 2 years without rust
    NBK+Galvanized 3 years without rust

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Spray mark
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