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Cold Drawn Seamless Pipe Technology – The Secret To Succesful Industry

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In the industrial procedures, a different type of materials is regularly used. We use some of these materials for selling purpose and a few of them are helpful in construction purposes. However; steel pipes or tubes are a distinct type of materials which are helpful in both construction and selling situations. The industries are manufacturing tubes by using different technologies and each technology has its own positive sides. Cold drawn seamless pipe technology is very popular in the industry these days and is considered to be a secret for success due it’s distinct and reliable features.

We can produce a cold drawn pipe by piercing the hot bar stock in rolled form. The cold drawing process is applied to the bar stock which helps in increasing the physical property of the tube. The increase in the physical property of the tube helps in reducing the cost and time required for the production of the tube.

cold drawn pipe

What is Cold Drawing

Drawing is a process in which we can stretch the glass or steel by using a special amount of force. In the cold drawing process, our target material is kept at the room temperature, also known as cold temperature for steel material. Now, the pointed end of the steel bar will be processed through the die. In the die, the steel bar will enter a gripping device. The gripping device is found in the drawing machine. The drawing machine will manufacture or pull the remaining section of the steel bar. The drawing machine can also reduce the length of the steel bar as per our requirement, can change the shape of the bar and also can increase its length.

Advantages of Cold Drawn Seamless Technology

When we discuss the advantages of cold drawn seamless technology, we find out that a cold drawn steel pipe will have a superior surface finish than other tubes. Due to the technology, the cold drawn pipe also possesses high yield strength in itself.

Most important part while using the tubes for construction purposes is an accurate dimension. By using cold drawn technology, the tube has an accurate dimension and for strength purposes, it also has high micro-structure uniformity in its feature.

Now an advantage that I want to discuss relates to the selling aspects of the steel tube. While purchasing the tubes in bulk, your customer will expect mechanical strength in the tube and if the customer is technically sound, they will also measure the details, So, for this purpose, we can use cold seamless technology. Thanks to this technology, the cold drawn steel pipe will have excellent mechanical features in itself.

Manufacturer of Cold Drawn Seamless Pipe

Multiple organizations are using cold drawn technology for tubes production. One of these companies is a China-Base company named Sheng Ding Yuan. SDY polished tubes by using the cold drawn technology and their pipes are widely used in hydraulic systems of the modern automobile industry. Further; you can use them in any industry where you require cleanness, brightness, precision and distinct mechanical properties.


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