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  • What is the Difference Between Galvanized Steel Pipe and Seamless Steel Pipe?

    At present, galvanized steel pipes are used very much, but galvanized steel pipes are classified. What is the difference between galvanized steel pipes and galvanized seamless steel pipes? Galvanized seamless pipes sound high-profile.

  • What are the Manufacturing Processes of Stainless Steel Pipes?

    Many customers have some doubts about the production process of stainless-steel pipes. They believe that stainless steel pipes can be produced only by ordinary smelting of the raw materials of stainless-steel pipes.

  • Production Process of Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tube

    With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, China's industrial level has risen sharply, and the industrial materials required have also become diverse for people to choose from, so choosing a suitable steel pipe has become very important.

  • What is the Function of Galvanized Steel Pipes?

    The galvanized steel can be crafted easily into a strong tubing or plumbing material, making it resistant to corrosion from extreme exposure to water. Seamless galvanized pipe is used for a number of applications such as for outdoor tubing, water piping and etc.

  • For High-Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders, Which Pipes are Used?

    Seamless pipes that are used for high-pressure cylinders are known as honed hydraulic tubes. They are further divided into two categories, pneumatic cylinder pipe and hydraulic cylinder pipe. The seamless pipe suppliers produce them by keeping them in extreme cold pressure for good tensile strength.

  • What is the Difference Between Seamless Pipe and Cold Drawn Seamless Pipe?

    Pipes are one of the most wonderful inventions of mankind. Ever since they were made, pipes have been used for the making of the entire modern world.

  • You should Know the Welding Process of Bright Steel Pipe

    Some of the things that can happen when welding stainless steel are charcoal-colored welds, warped metal and all will get you frustrated bright stainless steel contains additional alloying elements such as molybdenum and chromium together with the common element present in carbon stell.

  • High Pressure Fuel Line – What you should and should not Use

    Since America introduced ethanol into her pump gas, a lot of auto repair shops are confronted by problems which are often related to fuel line. It was a lot easier fixing fuel delivery systems when carburetors and leaded gas were use than it is now.

  • Difference Between Seamless Steel and Galvanized Steel Pipe Tube

    The seamless pipe (or stretched steel pipe) is manufactured from a cylindrical steel ingot using hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing processes, without any seams (welding) in the tube body.

  • Do you Know the Manufacturing Process of Seamless Steel Tube?

    The high-quality seamless steel tube has a great demand in the world. These tubes are used for many applications. You have to check out different steel tube standard sizes to get the tube suitable for your project. The seamless steel tubes are formed with the raw steel.

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