20 Years of Experience in Seamless Steel Tube Production

12 Years Production Experience to Make Seamless Steel Pipe

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Seamless pipes are usually long and hollow. They are used to convey liquids or other items from one place to the other. Diverse methods are used by the manufacturers to produce seamless pipes like a seamless steel pipe

12 Years Production Experience‎ To Make Seamless Square Pipe

ShengDingYuan focuses on producing cold drawn seamless tube for more than 12 years. Due to our vast production experience, we can produce high-quality hydraulic seamless pipes efficiently.

Since established in 2007, ShengDingYuan makes effort to get much more development, now owns series products, such as cold drawn high precision seamless steel tube, hydraulic system bright annealing fuel tube , diesel engine common-rail high pressure fuel tube, black phosphate hydraulic tube, high precision seamless rectangular tube, which are widely used in industry equipment, hydraulic system, automotive, ship-building, diesel engine high pressure common-rail system, engineering machinery, textile machinery, heat exchanger, chemical machinery, and some other field and now annual output up to 8000 tons.

At present, there are three main procedures through which the seamless steel pipe is produced. The commonly followed methods we follow are cold drawn process. For your convenience, we are going to describe it.

precision steel tube for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder

Cold Drawn Process

The companies using this process have to go through uninterrupted solidification to eradicate the cold hardening stress. The seamless steel pipes made up from cold drawn process have a clean surface, perfect size and good looks. These pipes are better than the pipes made up from the hot-rolled process. Cold drawing is a processing technology of materials. For metal materials, cold drawing refers to drawing in order to achieve a certain shape and certain mechanical properties, while the material is at normal temperature. Cold drawn products have higher dimensional accuracy and higher surface finish than thermoforming.

Different pipe making companies are offering top quality stainless steel hydraulic pipes. These pipes are designed and produced according to the requirements of the customers. In recent years, the companies have switched to advanced machines to produce these pipes. 

The latest machines are efficient and have a high production level to meet the needs of the companies. Also, these machines are easy to maintain. 

The features of the latest tube making machines are exceptional in every way. For instance, we have top quality material that does not become rusty or dirty with time. We can also work in diverse conditions. The best part is that many sellers are offering spare parts with these machines. For that reason, the production does not stop, and the companies don't lose time and money.

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